Speed Cameras

Speed limits are in place for the safety of all road users and speed traps are set in thousands of places to enforce these limits. Speed trap detectors have been designed to help you drive safely within these speed limits.

They are not an encouragement to speed, but they do aim to keep your licence clean, and save you money in avoidable speed fines.

Our range of speed-trap-detectors include laser technology devices and GPS system technology. Contrary to popular belief, speed trap detectors are LEGAL! They are also a savvy addition to your dashboard, and can be installed quickly at our fitting bay.

If you need guidance, talk to us at Ferry, we’ll be happy to help. Here are our top trap trackers!

The TDS TR30 is our top of the range GPS driver safety system: With road safety measures continually being introduced the Quantum database it is easy to maintain with customisable options set via your PC, and most importantly it keeps you thoroughly informed with advisory warnings of:-

Mobile camera sites
Notice of congestion, toll charge areas and accident blackspots.

The Road Angel kit is designed with simplicity in mind – the unit display turns from green to red when approaching any of the programmed permanent or mobile cameras on the easy to update GPS system. The database updates with new and obsolete cameras via a monthly subscription service.

Origin B2 boasts an impressive specifications list, top of which is it’s high resolution screen with enhanced graphics including: direction of vehicle travel, vehicle speed, speed limit, type of hazard, road number and a progress bar with a countdown to the hazard in meters or seconds as well as customisable features and updatable database.

Using GPS (satellite) and laser technology, this Snooper speed camera system compares your position to the position of all known danger spots and provides you with an audible and visual alert. The Snooper camera detector with laser alert has been designed to help drivers concentrate more on their driving without having to constantly worry about their speed by providing advanced warning of ALL fixed speed safety cameras and speed traps.