Parking Sensors

Consider them your “Parking Sixth Sense”…

Known as commercially as parking sensors or reversing sensors, these smart little devices can bring a sense of relief to the endless struggle of the essential need to reverse park and manoeuvring! Integrated into your reversing gear, the device uses an audio alert to inform you how close you are to another vehicle, or obstacle.


Often popular additions to estate cars, 4×4’s or caravans, they are definitely the gadget to have of making parking a doddle. The options don’t stop there though; parking sensors can be fitted discreetly into any vehicle’s bumper, boot lid, or even to your trailer.

Ferry ‘Tow & Park’ Package

Planning to fit a tow bar to your vehicle? Why not ask us about fitting a reversing sensor at the same time? We can combine the fitting of both systems, saving you time, money and effort during parking!