Mobile Kits

Mobile Kits

Ferry Secure offer many solutions to the latest problems of speaking on a mobile phone whilst driving, and while we recommend the no phone calls should be made whilst driving, there are steps that can be made to make those unavoidable calls safer. If you are unsure on the law – check out these FAQ’s direct from the people who know – the Government Department of Transport…


Handsfree Kits

parrot 9200All our hands free installed systems are designed and fitted with safety in mind, and the latest stereo Bluetooth systems are both practical and stylish with the wires running behind the dash, mostly hidden from view.

Mobile Phones

Advanced models are connected to your car stereo, and provide automatic stereo muting when a call comes in, then let you hear your mobile phone call through the car speakers.

Installed car-kits are inconspicuous, easy to use, provide good voice and listening quality. They are great if you spend a lot of time in their cars or really value the simplicity of a truly hands-free phone set-up. If the car-kit uses Bluetooth technology, you won’t have to worry about fitting a phone holder either – the system will work even if your phone is in a bag/briefcase!

We can check the compatibility of your phone and recommend an installed system to you before you come to see us, just email us and let us know which phone you are using, to get started.